Diabetes: Beets is very good for Blood Sugar

It is true that sugars cause a rise in the level of blood sugar, but this does not mean that diabetics stop eating sugars completely, as not to eat sugars may lead to a decrease in the level of sugar in the blood, which leads to significant health damage, so eating foods that contain sugars is required, but it must be limited, so that patients do not suffer any harm.

Diabetic patients are advised to eat foods containing natural sugars. It is important not to eat artificially sweetened foods, as they may cause a high blood sugar level. For foods that contain natural sugar, they are very useful for diabetic patients.

One of these useful foods is Beet:

beet is one of the root plants that multiply by way of budding such as potatoes, sweet potatoes and others, and there are two types, the first one is beet sugar used for industrial purposes, and the other type, which is common in the markets is used in food by eating boiled or pickles, and the red color of beet It is the result of a substance called betaine which is important to improve the process of balancing acidity in the stomach, and improve digestion.

Components of beet plant:

In order to identify the benefits of beet plant, we must firstly mention it’s ingredient, so that we can identify the reasons that lead to those benefits, the components of the beet fruit:

  • Ninety percent of the weight of the fruit of the beet is water, and five Percent fiber, two percent ash, and the rest other materials.
  • Contains useful sugars as fructose and glucose.
  • It is characterized by minerals such as sulfur, potassium, iron, phosphorus, calcium, copper, organic acids and amino acids.

Benefits of Beet for diabetic patients:

  1. The study mentioned that eating beet, including natural sugars, helps to lower the blood sugar level. It also helps maintain blood sugar level and stay moderate, since the sugars found in it are absorbed by the body slowly, so it is very safe and harmless.
  2. Regular use of beet helps prevent the complications caused by diabetes, where the beet maintains blood pressure level, without being exposed to high or low harmful.
  3. Beets provide the body with the energy necessary for him, as it works to relieve the symptoms and fatigue felt by diabetics.
  4. Anti-oxidants in beets fight the risk of heart diseases in diabetic patients. The risk of heart disease increases in diabetic patients, and eating beet helps prevent this risk.
  5. The study also proved that the antioxidants in the beet also reduces the levels of high cholesterol in the body.


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