Blood Sugar Level

There are two types of Diabetes Mellitus, the first is caused by attacking the immune system of pancreatic cells known as beta cells, while the second is linked to a large and major factors such as obesity or heredity or lack of movement, and patients of type II types diabetes characterized by that they are unable to activate insulin optimally Within the body and lead, over time, to the accumulation of insulin in the body, and diabetes is not infectious diseases, as it cannot move from one person to another, and for prevalence, is the second type of diabetes is the most widespread among those suffering from overweight Especially the elderly.

Measuring blood sugar at home:

There are a number of tests of sugar that can be performed and each of which give results vary in accuracy and detail from other tests, the most common tests of sugar is a finger test, which is using a glucose meter, is by operating the device and insert the slide in And then finger prick by the needle that comes with the device, or any other needle sterilized completely, and it is important before the use of the device to be sterilized well because of the presence of blood in the examination, which may lead to the transmission of some diseases from person to another When used. This device gives the level of sugar in the blood at the time of the examination, so if the examination is done after eating directly, for example, the level of sugar in the blood will be high, which is normal, so the best time for the examination is morning or two hours after eating the meal.

Measuring blood sugar at lab:

The venous blood test is performed in the laboratory by obtaining a blood sample from the patient and examined in the laboratory. The results of this examination are not obtained immediately. It is important to perform this test after fasting for at least eight hours in the morning It is possible to drink sugar-free water or tea prior to testing and not to drink or consume any other type of food and beverages containing sugar, even in very small amounts to obtain the best results, and this test usually gives more accurate results than the examination that is conducted at home.


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