Causes of Diabetes in Children

Diabetes is a disease caused by the inability of the body to secrete insulin, or the inability to absorb it due to the fluctuation of blood sugar level; as the function of natural insulin is the transfer of sugar to the cells of the body and thus obtain the necessary energy to enable them to perform their functions to the fullest, In the case of lack of this hormone in the body, it makes him an easy victim of diabetes, and everyone is vulnerable to infection of different age groups, and even children,who are affected with type I diabetes; whichaffects the pancreas gland and prevents it from the production of insulin and attacks the tissues of the body and the immune system.

Causes of diabetes in children:

The most important factors that lead to the occurrence of diabetes in children is the genetic factor, and often diabetes in children depends on the fact that insulin is not enough, and insulin is a substance released by the pancreas and it is responsible for the transfer of glucose to the cells of the body, and if the pancreas is unable to secrete enough amount ofinsulin for any reason, an increase in glucose occurs due to lack of access to the cell.

When diabetes occurs, a series of events occur in the child’s body. The most important thing is feeling tired because the cells are hungry for energy.

Symptoms of diabetes in children:

often the symptoms of the disease are not very clear on the child, and is often detected randomly after the child has a coma sugar, and here has reached an advanced stage.

Therefore, it is recommended that parents, especially in families with genetic history of the disease, note some phenomena on the child, and most importantly, drinking large quantities of water and urination a lot.

It may also be noted increase or decrease in the weight of the child without change in the habits of food, or the complaint of excess of headaches or colic. in that case, especially when there are cases of diabetes in the family, it is recommended to do analysis of hemoglobin A1c, every three months if the child is diagnosed with the disease.



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