Diabetes Monitoring Methods

Because of the nature of the food people eat these days, and because of the unhealthy lifestyles, several diseases have emerged and are causing suffering for many people, perhaps the most prominent of these diseases diabetes. Diabetes is known to be a significant increase in sugar in human blood.

Diabetes has serious complications in many cases, especially those cases where it is not being taken care of and taking the necessary measures to coexist with it. The complications of the disease are more likely to occur in the human body whenever the patient is younger. The complications of the disease may lead to death in some cases. However, the most common complications that can occur for humans as a result of this disease are heart disease, neurological disorders, Renal, renal, pharyngeal, osteopathy, renal impairment, and eye disorders.

There are many tests that tell the person with blood sugar, and the most important of these testsare random examination of this percentage, and examination during fasting, if signs appear to indicate the existence of this disease, the doctor then asks the patient to perform other tests.

Measuring blood sugar is easy and simple. The diabetes scanner is often used by pricking the tip of the finger and placing a small portion of blood on the device’s slide so that the device reads the value automatically. This may be done by taking a blood sample in the laboratory. Cumulative screening is done only by taking a blood sample and testing it in a laboratory.

Types of analysis of sugar:

Random analysis of sugar: This type of analysis is not at a certain time but comes suddenly and gives only an idea of ​​blood sugar levels.

Analysis of sugar for the fasting person: this analysis of the fasting patient for eight hours and the normal level of sugar in this analysis of 70-110 mg per 100 ml per liter of blood, and here we clarify that if the ratio is more than 120 there is a possibility of diabetes in the future.

Sugar analysis after two hours of eating: this analysis gives me an idea of ​​the speed of the body’s response to burn blood sugar if the rate exceeded two hours after eating the meal 140 This gives us an indication that there is a defect in the return of sugar to normal.

Analysis of fructozamine: is one of the most accurate medical tests that give an idea of ​​the proportion of blood sugar levels for 15 to 20 days.


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