How do I know if i’m Diabetic?

Diabetes symptoms that should be observed:

  • Weight loss without explanation and constant thirst is a symptom of diabetes.
  • Differences of view and feeling of continuous dysfunction is also a symptom of diabetes.
  • Frequent going to urinate, hence the name of diabetes, as the high blood sugar accompanied by the descent of urine, And doctors noted in the early onset of the disease that insects, especially ants gather around the urine because it contains high levels of glucose.
  • Frequent infections, both skin and tissue, are important indicators for analyzing blood sugar levels.
  • Diabetes leads to insulin deficiency in the blood, which causes the cells to be unable to absorb glucose from the blood into the cell.
  • Resulting in a chronic rise in the ratio Glucose and blood flow through the kidneys in the urine, and the result of the chronic rise of sugar in the blood to affect the network of blood vessels in the whole of the body. Where the cells lose the wall of the blood vessels, resulting in vacations of the components of blood outside the vessels such as;
  • Fat and some red cells and components necessary, leading to infiltrates tissues and swelling of her.In addition, of which the tissues of the retina, and out of proteins and albumin through the kidneys in urine.
  • The resulting imbalance in the function of the tissue as a whole, as chronic high glucose leads to a blockage of fine blood vessels in the body whole. And confirms that the complications of diabetes on the eye as a whole starting eyelids and the end of the optic nerve.
  • Lead to irregularity in the level of sugar in the blood to chronic inflammation of the edge of the eye.
  • Conjunctiva leads to chronic redness of the eyelids with a sense of weight and the desire to close them.
  • On the delay in healing wounds and prevention and treatment, in addition to adjust the blood sugar to the use of warm water compresses on the eyelids with the use of some moist drops or antibiotics, as the case.
  • Diabetes also causes a constant difference in the level of vision. This results from the osmotic effect of sugar level on the inner crystalline lens of the eye.
  • High blood glucose and crystalline lens absorb water, increase glucose in the blood and crystalline lens to absorb and increase water thickness.
  • This results in shortsightedness with a lack of visual clarity. The low blood glucose level results in the opposite of the length of the vision and the inability to see clear from close. Also explains the insistence of the specialist retina specialist to know the level of glucose in the blood when testing to work the size of the glasses. As the high or low glucose affects.
  • The size of the medical glasses and the doctor prefer to delay the work of the size of the glasses.Until the blood sugar is organized to take the appropriate size, where the patient complained after consideration.Which is usually due to imbalance in the level of sugar, and not from the imbalance in the measurement of glasses.
  • Diabetes has early white water that leads to blurred vision E, and is treated by a simple surgical operation are white water removed by sound waves or laser.


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