What is the best and right Diet for Diabetes Patients?

The recovery from diabetes depends on the food that the patient eats. It is considered half of the treatment. Diabetes disease is caused by a defect in carbohydrate metabolism and by obesity as well. It is usually a genetic disease for most people, and if the patient does not care for diabetes, it may affect on his retina. Moreover, it may result in having high blood pressure or kidney diseases or swelling of the feet or atherosclerosis and sexual weakness for males.

Diabetes patient food

  • Diabetes patient should regulate his food, and he should not eat much sugars. Also, there are many types of foods that the diabetes patient is forbidden from eating. These types of foods include fatty meats such as meat balls, kidney meat, chicken skin, ducks and geese meat, fatty fish like catfish.
  • He should also avoid preserved meats containing preservatives such as sausage, pastrami, luncheon. Moreover, he must not eat fatty substances such as butter, cream and whole fat cheese.
  • Moreover, the patient with diabetes should not consume soft drinks, sugar, hot sauce, pepper of all kinds, herring, ice cream, bonbon, peanuts and nuts.
  • There are some foods that are allowed for him and are useful for his health. These foods include:
  • Vegetables as cucumbers, okra, mulukhya, green beans, celery, artichokes, cucumber and tomatoes salad without adding mayonnaise and pure soup. He can add useful spices like cinnamon, thyme and cloves.
  • Fruit salad but without adding fruits that contain much sugars is one of the best choices for diabetes patient.
  • Herbal drinks without sugar, as mint, coriander, mineral water, lemon, and tomato juice.
  • Grilled or boiled fish, skinned chicken breasts, cucumber and yogurt, and keep away from oils and ghee.
  • Whole wheat bread instead of white bread. Also, eating an egg every day, as well as eating skimmed yoghurt and drinking skimmed milk.
  • The doctor determines the amount of food to be eaten in the day and is often divided into three meals a day. The patient should check the doctor regularly to examine blood sugar and to make sure that things are going well.


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