What is the Suitable Breakfast for a Diabetes Patient?

When waking up in the morning, the sugar level in the blood, for the diabetes patient, may be somewhat low. This is because he spent about 8 hours without having any kind of food. Therefore, breakfast would be very necessary for him to make the level of sugar in the blood in its moderate rate.

So, what is the importance of breakfast for a diabetes patient?

  • A diabetes patient may fall into a coma of sugar if he doesn’t have a complete and balanced breakfast, especially if he performs different daily activities.
  • Breakfast in diabetes patients compensate for the lack of glucose levels in the brain also, and provide the body with the necessary elements needed.
  • Diabetes patients often have difficulty in concentrating, and nutritionists have stated that people who eat breakfast daily are more capable to concentrate, compared to people who do not have breakfast in the morning.

What is the ideal breakfast for diabetics?

Compatible breakfast for diabetes patient must include carbohydrate, protein, calcium and iron. All these elements are very beneficial to the patient especially at the beginning of the day. The body’s ability to burn fat is higher than in the rest of the day. Thus, the body’s chance to absorb sugar in the blood and take advantage of it is greater after eating breakfast. Moreover, the diabetes patients who are keen to eat a balanced breakfast daily enjoy the status of relative stability for the level of sugar in the blood.

Suitable foods for diabetes patients:

1- Eggs:
Eggs contain a large proportion of proteins. In addition, they contain calcium, and a good proportion of unsaturated fat. That’s why the diabetes patients are advised to eat one egg every morning. However, they should eat boiled eggs and not to eat fried eggs to avoid acquiring more calories.

2- Milk:
Milk is known to be one of the largest sources for calcium. Furthermore, it contains a good proportion of iron and some other useful elements. However, diabetes patients are advised to drink skimmed milk, so that the fat does not cause raising the level of sugar in the blood.

3- Green Tea:
Diabetes patients can drink green tea in the morning with breakfast, without adding sugar to it so as not to contribute in raising the level of sugar in the blood.

4- Cucumber:
It is rich in fiber, as well as containing a large percentage of water. Therefore, diabetes patients can eat cucumber at breakfast even in large quantities, as it doesn’t raise blood sugar.

5- Tomatoes:
Tomatoes contain vitamin C, and they also contain iron and zinc. Thus, eating them with cucumber at breakfast makes the meal nutritious and complementary.


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