The Benefits of Honey for Diabetes Patients

Is honey harmful to diabetes patients?

The relationship between honey and diabetics is ambiguous and involves a lot of false and misleading information. There is a party that opposes eating honey by diabetes patients, while the other party has a different opinion. They allow eating honey but with specific conditions. Despite the effective role of honey in stimulating the pancreas cells to secrete insulin, the large percentage of sugar containing in it makes it dangerous to some extent.

Benefits of honey for diabetes patients:

  1. Eating one teaspoon of honey a day reduces blood sugar and cholesterol in the blood. Also, honey helps to reduce weight. Diabetes patients who eat honey regularly can notice that it helps to slow the rising of sugar in the blood again.
  2. Diabetes patients have difficulties in healing wounds. Honey works as an antibiotic and helps in the quick healing of wounds. Thus, eating honey or placing it on wounds helps to heal wounds, especially diabetic foot ulcer.
  3. Honey contributes to the prevention of some complications of diabetes, as it helps to strengthen the heart muscle, lowers high cholesterol, and also reduces triglycerides.
  4. Honey improves the level of sugar in the blood over the long term, not just at the mean time.
  5. When a diabetes patient eats honey, he feels satisfied and unwilling to eat large amounts of sugar afterwards all the day. This is a very important point in the treatment of diabetes.

Conditions for eating honey for diabetes patients:

  • Honey can be added to sweets instead of sugar, taking into account not to add it in large quantity so as not to cause high blood sugar.
  • It’s preferable for diabetes patients to eat honey in the morning. The reason is that in the morning the effort which is made by the patient is greater. Therefore, movement and activity will help to reduce blood sugar, to ensure that honey does not affect the patient.
  • Do not eat any other sweets with honey, so as not to result in rising blood sugar level.
  • If there is a rise in sugar level after eating honey, the patient should stop eating it completely, only after consulting the doctor.


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