What are Sugar Substitutes?

You can count on carbohydrates and calories to eat healthy, but what about artificial sugar?

Studies have shown that the consumption of industrial sugar “white sugar” can lead to many negative things that harm your general health, including obesity, and here we will show you alternatives to white sugar that will help you overcome the addiction to sweetening your drinks.

A distinct array of White Sugar Substitutes:

Sugar Coconut:

It is made from coconut tree juice and is a great alternative to industrial sugar, as it dissolves well in cold and hot liquids and in bread as well, and affects low blood sugar levels.


The next time you make the juice, add a couple of dates in the mixer to add natural sweetness, and will help you get the amount of fiber required for your body daily.

Sugar dates:

Since dates cannot melt well in bread and sometimes in juices, you can use date sugar, which is not less than dates in the benefits.

Cane sugar:

Sugar cane is considered a substitute for white sugar. Sugar cane is basically a juicer, and contains plenty of natural vitamins and minerals.

Muscovado sugar:

It is very similar to brown sugar, and consists of sugar crystals with some of molasses and contains vitamins, minerals, and muscovado sugar either fine sugar is refined or partially refined, and can be used in any baked recipe.

Sugar Turbinado:

It is a sugar cane extract. It is calledturbinado relative to the technique used in making this type of sugar, which is placed in turbines or cylinder, which is browner in color than brown sugar.

Sugar Demerara:

It is very similar to sugar turbinado, but it is less viscous than it and its crystals also vary.

Sugar cane sugar:

Due to its dark color, it is best suited for use in bread, cakes, black coffee or black tea.


Extracted from Stevia plant leaves, available in liquid or dried form, is considered sweeter than industrial sugar 200 times.

Maple Syrup:

It is extracted from maple trees and is used to cook dishes of sweets, pancakes and cakes.


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