What Foods Cause High Blood Sugar Levels?

High blood sugar is one of the most common health problems. It is one of the signs that a person has diabetes, which is a disease that destroys the body health. High blood sugar causes many other diseases, such as: eye diseases, especially diabetic retinopathy, slow wound healing, also causes kidney function, and other diseases.

Causes of high blood sugar levels:

There is an increase in people with diabetes due to the following reasons:

  • Infections. The hormones produced by the body to fight the disease may cause high blood sugar. These diseases include colds, heart attacks, urinary tract infections.
  • Tiredness, stress, and extreme stress, whether positive stress, such as a wedding or negative stress, such as a sickness or the death of a family member.
  • patients Do not take enough diabetes medicines, whether it’s insulin injections or diabetes pills.
  • Excessive intake of large amounts of carbohydrate foods, more than usual.
  • Undergo surgery or injury.
  • Feel pain, especially if this pain is caused by an inflammation of the body.
  • Sudden change in routine of daily life.
  • Some medicines and drugs, such as: asthma medications, dermatitis, cortisone, aspirin, cholesterol medications, hepatitis drugs, diuretics, antidepressants, birth control pills, and some antibiotics.

Some foods cause high blood glucose:

White rice: White rice is the rice grain that has been refined from swaida. Basically, starch is easily digestible, and recent studies have shown that eating white rice can raise blood sugar significantly, especially if eaten frequently or in large quantities. An increase of 11% in the risk of diabetes with every daily meal of white rice, if you like rice you have to switch to brown rice. Which will reduce blood sugar.

Potatoes: it is also notorious for high blood sugar levels because it is quickly digested in the bloodstream. To mitigate this negative effect, cook potatoes with healthy fats such as olive oil, Raise the amount of fiber in your meal by adding hearty leafy vegetables or other plant materials to the mix, or make potato salad with lots of lemon juice and cold in the fridge.

Ketchup: We tend to think of tomato sauce as a spice, but many brands allow some types of sweetening as a food component of the second category, which can have a catastrophic effect on the level of sugar in your blood, “it does not matter whether Sugar, or cane juice, they all contain sugar, and eating any of the abovementioned types of food will raise the level of sugar in the blood.


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