What is a Normal Blood Sugar Level?

There are different types of sugar. The most type our body uses is called “glucose”. Other types of sugars we eat, as fructose from fruits or lactose from milk, are at the end converted into glucose in our bodies. Then we can use them to get energy. Also in our bodies different types of complex sugars as starch are converted into glucose.

So normal blood sugar levels mean the level of glucose in blood, glucose is responsible for the control and regulation of metabolism, which is transmitted through the blood stream from the liver or gut to all cells of the body. Glucose is very important for human health, because it is the main source of energy for the cells of the body, because it is the main source of energy for the cells of the body, the natural body must maintain the proportion of sugars found within the body and known as the internal balance of the body

Normal level of glucose:

The level of Blood glucose should be between 4-6 mm, or, 90 mg / 100 ml. If glucose increases above this level, it is known as diabetes. If blood glucose is low, it is known as hypoglycemia. It is known that glucose may increase or may decline at different times of the day, increases a few after meals for an hour or two, and low blood glucose during the morning before breakfast, so it is recommended to eat breakfast because it is beneficial to human health and help to increase Glucose and give energy to the body so that the person becomes more active.

Impaired blood glucose levels:

People with diabetes have impaired blood glucose levels, and failure to achieve normal rates of  glucose leads to the emergence of diabetes, which result in the disease a lot of symptoms, including increased urination and intake of fluids and increased appetite for food, these symptoms is known for patients with diabetes, and if the increase occur in excess lead to the emergence of many symptoms, including nausea, and the speed and depth of breathing, exhaustion and colic and lethargy, coma that may lead to death.

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