World Diabetes Day 2018

The world celebrates on November 14 by the International Day of Diabetics, a day in which awareness campaigns are conducted to maintain the health of diabetics in terms of the diet to be followed, as well as how to maintain the body weight. This date was chosen precisely because it is the date of birth of Frederick Banting, who was one of the first persons to discover insulin, which is the primary responsible for the lives of people with diabetes. And the International Diabetes Federation, in cooperation with the World Health Organization, is commemorating the day in more than 160 countries.

World Diabetes Day Events:

Each year, the title of the day is chosen to focus on a topic that is important for diabetics or those who are at risk, focusing on everything that a diabetic patient can follow to maintain his health and not progress to serious stages. countries that celebrate this day make statistics every year to determine the incidence of diabetes in her country, and to take measures to reduce the rise of this proportion in collaboration with the health committees in that country, for example, statistics on diabetes in Saudi Arabia In 2013 to the fact that the incidence of diabetes among men is greater than the proportion of women and this percentage for ages over 65 years, and the proportion was lower for those aged 25-34 years, such statistics Give a clear picture to enable Saudi Arabia to do all the necessary measures to make this percentage less the following year.

Diabetics can maintain their normal lives without reaching advanced stages of the disease, by moving away from certain foods and exercise light, which is one of the most important ways to maintain the appropriate weight of the person, and notes that more than 80% of diabetes deaths are in developing countries such as Our Arab countries and other poor countries, due to lack of sufficient attention by health institutions to educate people about the dangers of diabetes, and sometimes the reason for the lack of appropriate treatment in government hospitals for the treatment of patients as in the poor countries.

Therefore, these countries must pay attention to the importance of educating people about diabetes, and appropriate treatment should be provided to these patients in government hospitals in order to reduce the incidence of it as much as possible, and some Arab countries have already begun to pay more attention to diabetic patients.


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